Get your own step-by-step, day-by-day plan of how to grow your YouTube channel. I'll share analytics so you can actually see how a YouTube channel grows!

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  Understand YouTube first (this will save you mistakes) here's what I've learnt..
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  Before you launch
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  The ULTIMATE step-by-step/ day-by-day plan for FAST GROWTH
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  This ALL depends on your channel
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Upload/Planning Calendar

Let's make you an upload and production calendar, plan out when to create your content and when (and how often after launch) to upload for maximum success

See Inside Analytics

See inside YouTube analytics to understand how often to upload, what's needed, what to track to have the best chance of fast growth

What Makes a Video Successful

Let's look at different styles of videos and different channel styles and break down what they did and are doing to gain success so you could to

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YouTube Academy 2022: Complete Beginner to Pro Step-by-Step

Best selling course about starting YouTube, setting up a channel and what's needed to succeed on YouTube

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2022! Step-by-Step

See inside my analytics as this year I grew a channel, monetized in 19 days and see exactly what I did to grow so you can too. We make a calendar plan, see the different videos that got more views and look deep into my analytics - what really worked and why?

How to VLOG 2022 : Complete Beginners Course +YouTube

Let's actually go out and film a vlog! How do I plan these, how to I film when i'm out to make sure I create an engaging vlog thinking about different camera angles, cutting quickly enough between shots to be engaging and then editing this.

Learn to Edit Video FAST! Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 StepByStep

Learn step-by-step how to edit FAST! Covering all the basics from beginner to pro including transitions, green screen, text & titles and lots more

Create YouTube Thumbnails in Photoshop and Free Online Site

Learn how to make thumbnails that get clicks. The thumbnail is the most important part of your journey - if no one clicks, no one sees the video. learn with Photoshop and on a free online site... I show you how

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