Hook those viewers with your TITLE!

The YouTube TITLE formula PROVEN to get clicks & views!

Level UP your YouTube titles!


When you upload YOUTUBE VIDEOS you are competing with a lot of videos. In such a competitive space you’ll need to find a way to make your video stand out. TITLES are 1 of the most IMPORTANT aspects to winning on Youtube!

HOW to title your YouTube videos!


To know HOW to title YouTube videos, you need to understand some BASICS of search. YouTube, like Google, is a search engine that uses an ALGORITHM to determine which videos to show users when they enter SEARCH terms.

YouTube Search PRIORITIZES 3 main elements: 

Relevance | Engagement | Quality

There’s plenty to say about doing well in each of these areas, but I’ll focus on the element that your video title can impact: RELEVANCE.

Show YouTube’s algorithm that your video fits your TARGET audience’s needs by including KEYWORDS they’re searching for in the title.

The PERFECT formula!
  1. Place your 1-2 most RELEVANT keywords close to the FRONT of the title 
  2. Use POWER words
  4. Make your title LESS than 70 characters
  5. CAPITALIZE the first letter of each word
  6. Put at least one word in UPPERCASE

AMAZING Youtube title examples!

  • Mark Wiens places his keyword, “Sandwiches” close to the front of his title & in caps
  • His power word in the title is “Mega”
  • Mark’s title is only 57 characters long

  • Casey Neistat places his keywords, “Wave Pool” & “$100” close to the front of his title
  • He uses numbers with “$100”
  • The word “SECOND” is in caps
  • Mark’s title is only 35 characters long

  • Mr Beast places his keyword “quit” close to the front of his title
  • He uses numbers with “$100,000”
  • He capitalizes the word “YOU” which also makes it personable
  • Mr Beast’s title is only 30 characters long


  • My keywords at the start of my title & “FOOD” both of which are capitalized along with “WORLD”
  • The power word i used is “BEST”
  • My title length is only 42 characters long

Imitate & INNOVATE!

Most importantly, learn from the greats! There are so many incredible and CREATIVE YouTubers out there, so start paying attention to HOW they write their titles, imitate & innovate. You will be soon nailing it too!