Boost traffic with video CARDS!

YouTube CARDS to improve your channel PERFORMANCE!

More VIEWS with cards!

YouTube Cards are the POP-UP panels you see when watching a video. These panels are a way to link to more of your videos. The best YouTube cards example is the cards that you see at the end of a video that encourage you to click or watch another piece of your CONTENT. YouTube Cards are great tools to promote your other content to boost traffic as a MONETIZATION strategy.

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WHY would you not add cards when you can… 

  1. DRIVE viewers deeper into your channel!
  2. Expose your older EVERGREEN videos!
  3. BOOST audience retention!
  4. Increase subscribers & VIEWS!

MORE than just 1 type of card!


  1. CHANNEL CARDS! Allow you to link directly to a YouTube Channel. This is great for promoting your own channel
  2. VIDEO/PLAYLIST CARDS! Allows you to link to another one of your video or playlist with similar content that your viewer would find interesting based on the video they just watched or content you mentioned within the video. 
  3. POLL CARDS! Allows your audience to vote in a poll you create. YouTube poll cards are perfect for asking for feedback from your audience and getting them to interact with your videos.
  4. DONATION CARDS! Allow you to ask for and collect donations to a nonprofit of your choice. Although, if you want to link to a crowdfunding site, you will need to use a link card as mentioned below.
  5. LINK CARDS! There are 3 different subcategories of cards and allow you to link directly to your own website with associated website cards, crowdfunding websites with crowdfunding cards, and your own merchandise with merchandise cards.

STICK with it!

YouTube Cards can help jump start your MARKETING efforts and start sending your viewers in the right direction to make you MONEY! The drive is to grow your channel & earning so this is just another piece of that pie to help you get on your way!