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In this course we first go over some YouTube fundamentals, to make sure you first understand how YouTube works and what it is looking for in its decision making when choosing whom to give impressions to (the only real way to grow on YouTube). With these understandings you can backwards engineer your decision making creatively to make sure you are giving YouTube what they are looking for.

Then we develop a launch calendar day by day; a prelaunch month, a launch month and post launch month. 

What's in the course?...

  • Step-by-Step Plan on How To Launch Your YouTube Channel
  • Daily & Weekly Step-by-Step Plan
  • Learn How YouTube works
  • Grow a YouTube Channel from Scratch
  • Understand How Features like Thumbnails, Titles and more work

& more... see the full course curriculum below

Launch Calendar Plan

Develop a calendar together for launching working out what content is needed, how much, when and why? Change this calendar to fit your own needs

Channel Growth Plan

Create a plan and work out the best growth strategy for you. From front-loading your channel to getting access to analytics and how to use those to work out how to grow

YouTube Fundimentals

What is YouTube looking for to decide what videos to share? Let's explore all and upload together step by step so you can follow along .

Course Curriculum

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  YouTube Fundimentals
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  Your launch Plan Calendars
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  YouTube Essentials
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